BlackTag Inc Mission Statement:

"Consistently add value to the consumer and the Company Shareholders by building better and stronger connectivity with the consumer and dominating the business fundamentals."

In my 26 year professional career, and prior to that my career as a professional athlete, I have found that there are no short-cuts to achieving success.

It’s the result of a holistic approach to strategic preparation, hard work, team building and a deep connectivity/understanding of the consumer so that we may engage them and ultimately inspire them.
It’s always been my goal to deliver to the consumer the products they want, when they want them and in the way they want them consistently and constantly.

I have built my career, and a number of businesses, based on focusing on these variables and on building business models for these businesses, in a sustainable and profitable way; thankfully, together with my teams, we have always exceeded expectations.

BlackTag Inc. is focused on innovation / inspiration / connectivity / and creativity.

We bring experience, connectivity with major players across a number of industries, methodologies and people into our work that sync with the existing environment. We bring communal force into the team dynamic and create the platform fully aligned to achieve our objectives.

Finally, we execute and constantly re-evaluate and mold our formula to stay in front of our consumer demands.

The serve the consumer and the desired results materialize organically.

It is our goal to bring meaningful value to organizations that understand and embrace the fact that today “unless you are at the striving for the top and constantly re-inventing yourself, you’re just part of the noise to the consumer.”

Chris Kypriotis
Founder & President

What We Do

"The best way to predict the future invent it".

Divider Background

Branding & Identity

Expertise in market + consumer insights across various “tribes” provides the opportunity to create the ideal fit and potentialize the Brand in the market through consumer connectivity, inspiration and activations. Strategic execution of Brand direction and positioning; product alignment; demand creation activities and measureable results. Work: Netshoes, T&F, Li Ning, Ksubi, Afends, Billabong, RVCA, Element, Nixon, Von Zipper, Xcel, Nike.


26 year career in retail and wholesaling; from specialty thrift store to Nike Inc. Flag ship stores to consumer connectivity/experience points, CK has been working with a broad cross-section of Retail & Wholesale Companies and Brands on operational, strategic and financial projects, at all levels - from discount formats to luxury goods - and on all scales - from substantial M&A deals to detailed shop floor assignments. Clients include go from local Brand experience Organizations to International retail groups and multi-national consumer goods companies. CK and his teams have always executed concepts Internationally, that are strategically adapted for the Brand and customer bringing them together and giving them the opportunity to connect.
SUMMARY: The retail world has many challenges; today more than ever; margins, big bets on fashions, constantly changing trends, timing, on-line retail/experience and sales, emerging market opportunities are a few. This is my normality and I am more excited than ever about retail and it’s opportunities, on and off line. The Consumer is in the same position. “Change is my home-field” and I’ve seen enough and look forward to much more to come.

Brand & Collection Creation

As a designer and product specialist, from research to final product execution; CK has been a part of the creation of some of the most prolific Brands in a variety of market places. Further, responsible for a variety of specifically targeted collections and collaborations all marked with success at the marketplace and increased consumer/brand connectivity.

Demand Creation Strategy and Execution

Responsible for some of the most innovative and insightful demand creation executions for Global and Local brands as well as the adapted execution of Global Brand initiatives given consumer insights and connectivity. Responsible for budgets in excess of $1B USD. Outcomes always resulting in Brand marketshare growth.

Turn Around/Change Management

Responsible for successfully executing Global missions for International Brands, ranging from complete business unit overhauls, to team alignments, to Brand re-direction; all missions leading to return to profitability and market share growth.

Brand/Retail Group Entry into New Markets

Responsible for building and executing strategies that are all aligned with Global Brand/Retail Group HQ, to enter new and challenging International marketplaces. These missions include building the format, P&L, processes, team/staff acquisition, creation of retail (physical/virtual), wholesale introduction where necessary and brand/consumer connectivity.

Sports Organization/Governance Management

Participate on a number of different International Sports Federations Board of Directors as well represent specific sports organizations/clubs/athletes; all of which are in the top 10 of their specific market segment.

Director on a number of Corporate Board of Directors

Participate as a Board of Directors member on a number of boards given my long time experience in Global Markets, Industries, and expertise in Branding, Leadership, Turn-around management, Retail Know-how, Strategic Financial Planning and Audit, Product Development, Marketing Strategy, Organizational Planning, and Corporate Governance.


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